Stable Doors for  Houses

Install a Rockdoor UPVC / composite stable door for the ultimate combination of functionality and style, supported by a ten year guarantee. You'll be able to conveniently open the top half of your stable door to allow fresh air into your home and connect the interior and exterior for a spacious feel, whilst enjoying the peace of mind that your children and pets are safe. A composite / UPVC stable door can open inwards or outwards according to your requirements and the two halves can be operated independently or can be locked together to operate as one door. The possibility to be a front door or back door gives a half and half stable door double versatility! 

10 Colours

Crafted in a choice of ten colours including black, white, red, blue, green and grey, along with natural wood shades ranging from light oak to mahogany; there's a Rockdoor stable door to add character to your home, whether a modern urban property or a traditional house, farm house or cottage. Exclusive to Rockdoor is the opportunity to personalise your stable door, by selecting different colours for the inside and outside, so the interior of your door can complement your décor.

Strong, Durable & Secure Stable Doors

Rockdoor UPVC / composite stable doors are incredibly strong, durable and secure for your complete peace of mind. State of the art, multi point hook locks and deadbolts on both halves of our stable doors surpass industry security standards and our stable doors even achieve Secured By Design, a police backed accreditation for crime prevention. Rockdoor's composite / UPVC stable doors also boast a unique weather proofed, thermal efficient centre seal, to ensure the middle join is reliably draught and leak proof.